About Us

About Us

We are a travel and tourism company focused on promoting African culture. Our passion is to create and deliver unique travel experiences that enrich the lives of our travelers.

Our Vision

Africa is a continent rich in culture; unfortunately, it is often portrayed in a negative light due to the lack of balance. Our vision is to change this perception and educate people on how beautiful Africa truly is. 

Our Mission

Our dream is to make our tourist's journey to Africa memorable. We show you Africa’s diversity and help you connect with other travelers and locals alike.

Going 2 Ghana 🇬🇭 primary priority is to enlighten not only our communities but also the world on African culture, norms, lifestyle and nightlife.

Africa as a continent has a negative stigma attached to it which has influenced people’s perception for many years, however “Going 2 Ghana” is here to prove that notion wrong and show our traveling partners a memorable experience and the world as a whole that Africa is not what the media portrays it to be. 

The perfect adventure is not far away: all you have to do is visit Africa!